Swami Bon Maharaja BOOKS

A note for those who are looking for Swami Bon Maharaja's books:

People looking for his books can find them through sites such as Abebooks, Amazon, Eurobuch and similar booksearchengines. Keep in mind that most works are published under the name "Tridandi Swami B.H. Bon". If you happen to be in Vrindaban (India), you can ask the local bookshops there or visit Swami Bon Bhajan Kutir, which you should anyhow :)

Bhakti-Rasamrta-Sindhuh, The Search, My Lectures in England and Germany can relatively easy be obtained. Older works such as the "Geeta as a Chaitanyite reads it" have become rare, which is a pity, since it is a very beautiful Bhagavad Gita based on Srila Visvanatha Cakravarti's commentary.

If you speak German, you can very easily obtain "Die Antwort der Religionen auf 31 Fragen" by Gerhard Szscesny, which contains interviews with the major religions; Swami Bon representing Hinduism. The same book is available in Dutch as "Religies antwoorden op eenendertig vragen".

Last but not least, "On the Way to Vaikuntha" (Baikunther Pathe) has come out recently. You can find information and place orders here: http://waytovaikuntha.weebly.com

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Pranam to Swami Bon

"I make my obeisances with deep and loving devotion for ever and ever to my Gurudev, who is known by the name of Srimad Bhakti Hriday Bon, who being attracted by the lotus-feet of Radha-Madhab is for ever and ever immersed in the perennial stream of supramundane joy emanating therefrom.

I bow down again and again with loving devotion to my Gurudev who is a wandering Tridandi mendicant and erudite Vaishnava (who) is always following in the wake of Sri Rupa; I make my obeisances in all humility, at all times with sincere loving devotion to my Gurudev who resides happily in the
Kunja (bower) allotted to him by Shrimati Radhika, the dearest Divine Consort of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna who is Rasa epitomized, who has taken to the way of Bhakti in consonace with the teachings of Sri Chaitanya - nay, whose whole pattern of life is moulded on the teachings and precepts of Sri Chaitanya."