“The Geeta: as a Chaitanyite reads it” by Tridandi Swami B.H. Bon, "Chapter Eleven : Sree Krishna's Lordly Grandeur"

ARJUNA said:
"My veil of ignorance is now withdrawn
By listening to these most secret truths
From Thine Own Holy Lips,
About Thy Transcendental Form.
In my abysmal ignorance I could conceive not of Thy
Spiritual Reality.
Now I have begun to understand Thou art for ever
Self-Revealed and that the highest Ideal of the
human form
As yet unseen, uncomprehended by the mind of man,
Is Thy Most Beauteous Spiritual Krishna-Form
And He is Thy Real Self;
The Viswarupa is but one of many cloaks or Partial
Lord ! all objects exist in Thee,
And Thou dost exist in every object,
But Thou art not everything
Not every object is Thyself.

O Lotus-eyed ! I am acquainted now minutely
with Thine Aspects
Of creation and destruction
And of the excellence of Thine Own Way
The magnitude of which is boundless
Beyond the realm of human intellect.
O Lord Supreme ! I beg Thee, Purushottama !
To show me now Thy Lordly Form of Viswarupa,
In which Form Thou art Immanent.
I am an individual soul within this universe,
Albeit with identity
And cannot fully comprehend the actions of the
Which are beyond my human understanding.
Though I am insignificant, I have been, by Thy
Grace, allowed
To understand a fragment of the truth
Anent Thy Real Self as Ever-Adolescent, Ever-
Beautiful Sree Krishna ;
But I am not yet fit to realise
Thy Lordly Aspect or Thy Majesty,
Both of which pass the comprehension of the
human brain.
Thou art my Lord and Lord of all the Yogas.
Thus if Thou deemest I should see,
Show me Thou, out of Thy super-worldly powers,
This Lordly Form of Thine."

SREE Bhagavan said: "O Son of Pritha !
Observe My Forms Majestic innumerable and
Of variegated colours in their thousands.
Behold, Bharata ! the Adityas and the Vasus,
The Rudras, the Marutas and the twin Aswinis;
Behold My many wonders;
None such have seen before.
Whatever sentient and insentient objects thou
may'st wish to see,
All are to be found in this My Lordly Grandeur.
Know, therefore, O Gudaklesha !
That all that and whatever more thou dost long to
Is only part of My Eternal Krishna-Form.

THOU art My devotee, and therefore thou canst
My Beautiful, Eternal and Divinest Krishna-Form
Apart from any mundane relativities with thy pure
eyes of soul,
Divine Love and devotion,
Free from the limits of all attributes.
But this My Lordly Form is not so independent
And it exists in harmony with Cosmic and the
Therefore, Arjuna ! the pure eyes of Divine Love
for Me
Do not see this My Lordly Form;
Eyes that behold material forms are also rendered
To see My Super-mundane Form.
The eye which has a certain colouring
Of quality intuitive yet not gross and material
Is called the eye divine;
I give thee that eye to behold My Lordly Viswarupa

SANJAYA said to Dhritarastra: "O King ! Thus
saying, Sree Hari,
Lord Supreme of all Yogas,
Showed to Arjuna the Superhuman Form,
Which was unique,
Unprecedented, and very strange,
Possessing many mouths, and eyes and many
wondrous sights,
With many ornaments divine and superhuman
Wearing divine garlands and gorgeous clothes,
Anointed with divine perfumes,
All wonderful, most brilliant, and infinite;
And everywhere innumerable forms appeared.
If the blazing splendour of a thousand suns
Were suddenly to rise up together in the sky,
Even that would scarce compare
With the effulgent glory of that Viswarupa.
Then Arjuna saw innumerable worlds
Both as a unit and in their separate existences
Within the Body of the Lord.
Thus filled with wonder and mazement, and
bowing down his head,
Arjuna thus adderssed the Lord with folded hands."

ARJUNA said: "Lord I behold within Thy Body
All the gods, all hosts of individuals,
Brahma seated on the Lotus-seat,
Mahadeva, all the sages and the heavenly serpents.
Lord of the Universe ! O Viswarupa !
I see within Thee manifold arms and bodies,
Mouths, eyes and the all-pervading Ananta-rupa;
I see no beginning and no end of Thee.
Thy Form can hardly be beheld for its resplendence
Scintillating like a mass of brilliant lustre,
Of fire and sun, immeasurable
I behold Thee, head bedecked with crown and disk
in Thy hands-
Splendour suffused with a celestial glow.

THOU art Imperishable Truth That should be
Thou art the Great Receptacleof this Universe;
Thou art Undying;
Protector of Sanatana Dharma-
Religion universal and eternal;
And Thou art the Ancient Personage.
Thou hast no beginning and no end;
Thy powers are infinite;
Thy two eyes are like shining suns;
Thy Face is all resplendency;
The universe Thou dost illuminate with Thine Own
Thou alone pervadest all existence betwixt the earth
and heaven;
I see Thine awe-inspiring Form;
O Great Soul ! all three worlds are trembling.

LOOK ! Those gods are encompassed by Thy Body;
Awe-struck people are extolling Thee
With hands joined palm to palm;
Great sages utter the Vedic Amen "Swasti",
Beholding Thee while chanting thoughtful hymns.
The Rudras, Adityas, Vasus, Sadhyayas, Viswadevas,
The twin Aswinis, Marutas, the manes, celestial
Yakshas, the gods and the Siddhas-
All are beholding Thee with great amazement.
O Mighty-Armed ! at this Thy awesome multiform,
The people of the worlds are trembling and so am I.
O Vishnu ! Who pervadest the universe !
Terror strikes my heart to see Thy wondrous Form
Touching the sky and shining with iridescent
And I cannot hold My peace and patience.
I am bewildered to see Thee like the universal
At the break-up of the world.
I know not where lies my well-being,
O Lord ! Thou Shelter of the Universe !
Be Thou gracious unto Me.

ALL those sons of Dhritarastra with their allied
With Bhisma, Drona, Karna and the warriors of
our side
Are entering headlong into Thine avenging Mouth ;
Some of their heads are crushed between Thy fear-
some Teeth.
Just as the flowing currents of the river
Sweep down towards the sea to be swallowed by it,
So also are these heroes entering Thy flaming
Mouth to be exterminated.
Just as the moths flicker round the glowing flame to
merge with death,
So are the worlds fast entering into Thy Mouth to
O Vishnu ! Thou art putting all the worlds into Thy
flaming Mouth
Devouring them completely.
Thou hast dazzled the whole universe entire
With Thy brilliant splendour,
And art shining bright in all Thy glories.
Tell me, Deva ! why art Thou so terrifying !
I greet Thee; be Thou propitious !
I know not Thy ways ; I beg to know them all."

SREE Bhagavan said : "I am revealed now as the
Mighty Destroyer
Of these multitudes of men ;
I shall destroy all warriors, except you the Pandavas,
Arrayed in hostile armies.
In this destruction, the sole Agent am I, not thou.
When thou art not responsible for this destruction.
Thou must be ready to give battle
And enjoy an ever-lasting glory
And a prosperous kingdom as the result of victory.
By Me have they been slain already ;
Be thou but an intermediary of My Action,
O Savyasachi-shooter of arrows with both hands !
Already have I destroyed great Drona,
Bhisma. Jayadratha. Karna and the other heroes ;
Cast off thy fear, arise and fight ;
Thou wilt conquer thine enemies and come out

SANJAYA said to Dhritarastra: "O King !
Having heard these words of the Divine Lord
Arjuna, trembling with fear,
Saluting Sree Krishna again and again with folded
And in a faltering voice began to say:"

ARJUNA said : "O Lord of all the senses !
Hearing about Thy glorious deeds,
The world becomes attached to Thee,
The demons fly in fear to every corner,
The saints make their obeisance unto Thee.
Great Soul ! Why should they not greet Thee,
Who art the Lord Supreme, the Primal Cause?
Thou art superior to Brahma, O Ananta !
O God of gods ! O Thou Abode of all the universe !
Thou art the Word Divine, Thou art Infallible-
Thou dost transcend all sentient and insentient
things in Nature.
Thou art the Primordial Eternal Being ;
Thou art the only Shelter of this Universe ;
Thou art the Knower and the Known ;
Thou art identical with Thine Transcendental
Which is beyond all qualities of Maya.
O Lord of Boundless Form !
By Thee everything is pervaded.
Thou art Vayu, Yama, Fire, Varuna,
Moon and the Creator Brahma;
Therefore do I bow to Thee a million times,
And hail Thee again and yet again.

HAIL to Thee on all sides ! O Lord of Power
Infinite !
Thou alone art Master of immeasurable strength-
All potencies pervadest Thou, O Lord !
Thou art the All in all.
Whatever I might have said from inadvertance
Or from love, addressing Thee in such familiar terms
As "Krishna !" "O Yadava !" "O Friend!"
Being ignorant of this Thy Greatness
And of Thy Glory, and merely looking on Thee as
my most loving Friend
Or in whatever way I might have shown some
disregard for Thee
In fun, at play, in sleep, at meals,
Before an assembly or while alone,
I crave Thee, O Achchyuta ! to forgive me all.

THOU art the Father, the Object of reverence
And the greatest Guru, Spiritual Master, of
this Universe ;
Far from superior, there is none equal unto Thee
In all three worlds. Thy greatness is unrivalled.
Thou art the Lord and Object of all worship.
I offer my humble obeisance to Thee
Imploring Thy forgiveness.
Thou and the normal soul have an inseprabale rela-
Of confidential love, as between Master and man,
Or parents and Child, or between the lover and the
Thou dost accept such confidential services
And loving homage from Thy servants, friends,
Parents ans consorts, and graciously forgive
The intimate expressions used towards Thee.

I am filled with wonder;
My curiosity is satisfied to see Thy Universal
Of Viswarupa, Which was not seen before;
But this Form does not please the eyes and mind of
Thy devotees.
My mind is sore afflicted at this fearsome Form, O
Lord !
O God of gods ! Abode of the Universe !
Have mercy on Me and show me Thy All-Majestic
Four-armed Form of Vasudeva,
The son of Vasudeva-the Ocean of all grace.
Let me now see Thy Four-armed Form
With golden crown on head
And disk-conch-mace-lotus in Thy hands.
From that Form dost Thou manifest this Thousand-
And Universal Form within the Cosmic world.
O Krishna ! now I have understood without a doubt
That Thy Sachchidananda Two-armed Krishna
Eternally exists as the Loving Lord.
The Majestic Four-armed Form as Narayana
Is the Manifestation of Delight Supereral
Of Thy All-loving Two-armed Krishna-Form:
And when the universe is created,
Then from Thy Four-armed All-Majestic Narayana
This All-Pervading Virata or Great Universal Form
does emanate.
My curiosity has been aroused a thousandfold
By virtue of this transcendental knowledge.

SREE Bhagavan said: "I have been pleased to show
My Form Supreme belonging to the Cosmic Plane.
To none but thee have I before revealed
This boundless Primordial Lustrous Form.
O greatest hero among the Kurus !
None but thou alone in this world hast seen My
Viswarupa Form
Either by virtue of study of the Vedas or sacrifices,
Or largesses, or rituals, or practising severe auste-
Those who have reached the celestial region
And attained a godly life
Behold and meditate on My Viswarupa Form
By means of their godly eyes and godly mind;
Those who are ignorant and fettered worldlings
Can never see this Form;
But My devotees can pierce these gross and subtle
walls of ignorance and godliness
Of the mundane and celestial worlds by virtue of
My Grace.
They may transcend to My Eternal Realm
And be established in that spiritual plane.
Hence, they, like thyself, are not content
With My Universal Viswarupa Form,
Which is but a distant manifestation
Of My Majestic Aspect in the Cosmic Universe,
But yearn for the sight of My Eternal
All-Loving, All-Beautiful and Adolecsent Krishna

ONLY the ignorant think highly of My Viswarupa
But be thou not bewildered or afflicted by this
awful presence.
My devotees love peace and are affectionately fond
Of My All-beauteous Ever-adolescent Krishna-Form:
Thet therefore are aggrieved to see this terror-
striking Form.
I bless thee now, that thou mayst not be frightened
of My Viswarupa Presence;
My devotees have naught to do with Viswarupa on
the cosmic plane.
But thou art My friend, who came into the world
As an accessory to My Divine Deeds-
Thou shalt be an adjuct to My wishes and
It does not hence befit thee to be so affected.
Give up all fear and with a cheerful heart
Behold again My transcendental blissful Form."

SANJAYA said to Dhritarastra: "So saying, the
Lord Divine
Vasudeva withdrew His fearful Viswarupa Form
And showed Arjuna His Four-armed Narayana
And then His Gentle, Loving, Two-armed Form of
Human in appearance, encouraging Arjuna with
sweet and hopeful words".
Seeing the Beauteous Loving Human Form of
Krishna Arjuna said,
"O Janardana ! I am now restored to peace of mind
And have regained devotion for Thee,
The normal function of my self,
In seeing Thy evergraceful Huma-Form."

SREE Bhagavan said: "Arjuna ! My Form which
thou didst see
Is not accessible to many;
Even the gods like Brahma, Rudra and the others
Are ever anxious to have a glimpse of My All-
beautiful, Magnetic Form.
If thou shouldst argue that how can this Form be
When I am seen apparently by many here on earth,
Then listen to the truth:
The relation between the observer and observed is
designated "observation,"
Which may be classified into three groups
According to the angle occupied by the observer.
The first is based on pure and complete conception
Of this transcendental knowledge;
The second but proceeds from ignorance;
The third reposes on empiricism and human logic
Drawn from inference within the bounds of time,
space and the three dimensions.
People who are infatuated by utter ignorance
Consider My eternal transcendental Human Form
To have been born of Maya and transitory;
They thereby are deprived of realising My true
The pedants and the gods all falsely reason
This transcendental Form which is identical with
And is the Form Eternal Which I use
When I make My Divine Descent into this worldly
From My divine power and prerogative
Without submitting to the laws of Nature ;
Thus they are prone to think My All-pervading
That manifests within the cosmic plane,
Or the negative and extra-cosmic, non-differentiated
To be My eternal Self! and regard My Human Form
As but a means of worship at the start.
But true devotees whose spiritual eyes are opened
By the genuine Preceptor with the spark of
transcendental knowledge
Know and see My Krishna-Form as the Supreme,
All-beautiful, and Transcendental, Ever-adolescent.
Therefore I say, Arjuna! that this spiritual complete
Of My Krishna-Form is not within the reach of
even gods.
Among the gods, Brahma and Siva are My devotees
And they aspire to this All-gentle Form.
Thou art My friend and devotee, and through My
Thou hast been made to realise the great supremacy
Of My eternal Form,
After having seen My Viswarupa Aspect.

NEITHER by the reading of the Vedas,
Nor by austerities nor by charities nor by sacrifice
Can I be seen in My eternal Human Form
As seen and realised by thee.
Arjuna ! it is by single-minded, undistracted devotion
That I can in this Form be seen and realised
For that devotion, Parantapa !
Leads such a pure devotee into My perfect Realm
of Bliss.
He who does serve Me with integrity of heart,
Refrains from all fruitive Karma and dry Jnana
And cultivates a truly loving attitude towards Me,
And renders eternal good to all
By helping them in the awakening of their pure
Which I deem unselfish service unto Me,
Attains Me as Sree Krishna in My Abode of Bliss.

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Pranam to Swami Bon

"I make my obeisances with deep and loving devotion for ever and ever to my Gurudev, who is known by the name of Srimad Bhakti Hriday Bon, who being attracted by the lotus-feet of Radha-Madhab is for ever and ever immersed in the perennial stream of supramundane joy emanating therefrom.

I bow down again and again with loving devotion to my Gurudev who is a wandering Tridandi mendicant and erudite Vaishnava (who) is always following in the wake of Sri Rupa; I make my obeisances in all humility, at all times with sincere loving devotion to my Gurudev who resides happily in the
Kunja (bower) allotted to him by Shrimati Radhika, the dearest Divine Consort of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna who is Rasa epitomized, who has taken to the way of Bhakti in consonace with the teachings of Sri Chaitanya - nay, whose whole pattern of life is moulded on the teachings and precepts of Sri Chaitanya."