“The Geeta: as a Chaitanyite reads it” by Tridandi Swami B.H. Bon, "Chapter Ten : Superhuman Powers"

SREE Bhagavan said:
"O Mighty-armed ! Thou art My Beloved
And so, desiring thy well-being,
I shall now tell thee truths
Of greater weight than e'er before;listen to Me again.
I am the Primordial Cause of all the gods and sages;
Therefore can they not perceive the Suprehuman
Of My Descent and Deeds
Upon the mundane plane in My Own Human Form.
The gods and sages all endeavour the truth to know
About Me, only through attempts empirical ;
Thereby, despite their strenous efforts to under-
stand Me,
Fail to go beyond the scope of time and space,
And therefore partially arrive at the Negative
Of the antepodes of all earthly qualities and actions.

THIS principle is, in their belief, non-manifest
and attributeless,
Formless and void of action.
They think this earthly wisdom to be the highest
But the Highest Transcendental Truth is not
I am Ultimate Reality of all transcendence :
Ever Self-effulgent, and My Transcendental Poten-
cies are inconceivable by human minds;
I am possessed of all the perfect qualities;
My Form Divine transcends all limited conceptions;
I am the All-Existence, All-Knowledge and All-

WHEN My External Cosmic Energy reflects Me,
I am recognisable as Paramatma, or Iswara
Who is a partial manifestation of My Primordial
Absolute Self;
Brahman is only My indistinct, effulgent Aspect,
Inconceivable by human intellect
Owing to the influence of My Deluding Cosmic
So both these, My partial Aspects-
Paramatma and Brahman-
Are My analytical and synthetical manifestations
on the worldly plane.
Only on rare occasions, out of My Prerogative and
Power Divine
Do I descend into this world.
Failing to realise the capacities of My inconceivable
Internal Potency
Through the poor vehicle of their inductive reasoning,
Those gods and sages who are intellectually
And whom the mighty force of Maya threw into the
depths of ignorance,
Think this My Full Descent into the worldly plane
To be "Iswara" or "Paramatma",
And imagining that Brahman is greater than
They try to merge within that attributeless Neutre-
But My true dovotees,
Who realise the pettiness of human intellect, and
And that all their attempts by mere induction
Are insufficient to comprehend My Transcendental
Cultivate a pure devotion towards Me.
Thus moved by My compassion at their dedication
I make Myself and My Most Beauteous Form
Apparent to their pure intelligence.

HE who knows Me, through My Grace,
To be the Lord Supreme of Lords of all the
And the First Source of all manifestations,
Is granted absolution from his sins
Arising from earthly experiences.
The knowers of the Scriptures fail to understand Me
Inspite of their penetrating intellect.
The reason is that Buddhi-the introspective
Which can discern the inner meaning,
Discriminating intelligence that can distinguish
between self and non-self,
Forgiveness, truthfulness. pleasure and pain,
Control of internal and external senses,
Calmness, birth, death, courage, non-malice,
Contentment, austerity, gifts, fame and shame-
All these are mental qualities of individuals.
Though I am the Primal Cause of all these qualities,
Yet I am distinct from all.
Nothing remains unknown when the Doctrine is
Of "inconceivable simultaneous existence of
difference and non-difference",
Otherwise known as Achintya Bhedabheda,
The Philosophy preached by Sree Krishna-Chai-
As the substance and its properties like fire and heat
Are distinct yet non-distinct from one another,
So also I, the Lord Supreme,
And objects, qualities, and feelings of the universe,
Born of My Potency, though eternally inseparable,
Are yet distinct from Me.

MARICHI and seven other sages great,
Sanaka and his brothers,
The four sons of Brahma who were born before the
seven sages,
And Svayambhuva and the others-the fourteen
All these were born of Hiranyagarbha
Who was empowered by Me.
This world was populated by their progeny and their
He who is rightly acquainted with the knowledge
That My Transcendental Personality is the Highest
End of all
The Principles of Absolute Reality
And that I manifest My Aspects Supernatural
Through the vehicle of all My Potencies
That are as yet beyond conception,
And he who futher understands that Bhakti-Yoga
Is the summum bonum of all practices of all Yogas,
Does surely perform the greatest steadfast Yoga
Which leads him unto Me.

KNOW Me to be the Fountain Source of all
things spiritually and earthly;
Everything evolves from Me;
Thus knowing, those who worship Me with unalloy-
ed devotion, are the wise.
They are truly versed in Transcendental Knowledge
of Me:
The rest are ignorant.
The character of such unshaken devotees is this :
They have surrendered heart and soul to Me;
Exchanging mutual thoughts about their spiritual
And they discourse about Me.
All devotees who meet together,
Enlighten one another as to My Nature,
Heighten each other's spiritual progress
And delight in ever-blissful talks about My Trans-
cendental Pastimes.
In their nascent stage of Bhakti and its practices,
They hear and chant My Holy Name
Knowing the bliss of true devotion;
And in their highest stage of spiritual illumination
And Love Divine, when their innate nature is fully
They are entitled a blissful intercourse with Me
As Consort in My Love-Games
By following the Path spontaneous of Love Divine
That leads to Braja.
Those who worship Me most lovingly by following
this path,
I bless with transcendental knowledge
That helps them tread the way of Love Ecstatic
Which can alone conduct them unto Me
In Mine Own Realm of Perfect Bliss.
That helps them thread the way of Love Ecstatic
Which can alone conduct them unto Me
In Mine Own Realm of Perfect Bliss.

THE followers of Bhakti-Yoga
Cannot continue in ignorance.
Some people think that those who seek the Truth
By following the process of negation
In the manner: "This is not That, This is not That"
Are truly wise.
They think that rarest knowledge is not attainable
by Bhakti-Yoga
In which emotion is predominant !
Arjuna ! the truth is that knowledge of the Great
Can never be acquired by the very limited mentality
of poor individual souls
However highly trained their intellect may be.
With all their utmost striving
They will fail to realise the Highest Knowledge.
But if I be compassionate with them,
Then only by My Grace and by My Potency
My devotees who have endeared Me to their self
Are blessed with knowledge of My Transcendence.
My boundless mercy for them prompts Me to
Within the shrine most holy of their hearts,
And to dispel the gloom of ignorance
That clouds their minds,
Caused by their contact with the worldly relativities.
Transcendental knowledge is to be attained
Only by practising devotion to Me
And not by disputations or pedantic arguments."

ARJUNA said: "O Lord ! the saints and holy sages
Narada and Ashita, Devala and Vyasa
Have said, and so hast thou
That Thine Own Form Divine is beautiful beyond
Thou art the Endless Knowledge Absolute:
Thou art the Highest Shelter of all objects;
Thou art supremely Holy
Since all sinners become forever purified by Thy
Divine Sight;
Thou art the Godhead, Primal Lord,
Unborn and All-Pervading, Eternal and Divine.

I believe all this that Thou hast told me, O Keshava
To be unchallengable truth.
Neither the gods nor demons know
Thine inconceivable Identity, my Lord Divine !
O Thou Supremest Lord of Lords !
Progenitor of all the Lords !
Protector of all sentient and insentient beings !
Godhead of all the gods !
O Ruler of the Universe !
Thou knowest Thyself by Thine Own Internal
By no heavenly or human reasoning can one
perceive the truth
Of how Thou dost Thy Transcendental Beautiful
Primordial Form reveal
Upon the earthly plane,
Without submitting to apotheotic falsities,
Or laws of earth's phenomena.
He alone whom Thou dost favour
Can know Thee and perceive Thy Ways.

BY Thy Grace alone I now see Thy True Nature
in my heart
And can observe Thee in appearance before mine
I am blessed, O My Lord !
Tell me now without reserve
About Thy Superhuman and Divinest Glories
Which permeate the worlds.
O Mighty Lord of Yoga !
By what meditation shall I know Thee in Thine
Own True Form?
And what especial Form of Thine am I to meditate
Tell me again in detail, Janardan !
About Thy Yoga and Thy Superhuman Powers.
The more I drink the nectar of Thy discourse
On these transcendental truths,
The more my thirst for hearing them increases."

SREE Bhagavan said: "Thou noblest of the
Kurus !
There is no end to My Divine and Superhuman
I shall, however, tell thee now
About some prominent among them :
O Conqueror of sleep ! O Gudakesha !
I have already told thee of My Real Person.
I shall now tell thee of My relative existence.

I am the life of all the universe;
I alone am the beginning, the centre and the end
of all things;
I am Vishnu among the twelve Aditya who are
Mitra, Arjama, Rudra, Varuna, Surya, Bhaga,
Vivaswana, Pusha, Savita, Twatsa and Vishnu;
Of the luminaries I am the Sun;
I am the Marichi among the deities of the wind;
Among the stars I am the Moon.

AMONG the Vedas I am the Sama-Veda;
I am Indra among the gods;
The Mind among the senses
The spiritual Cognitive Faculty in all living beings;
I am Sankara among the eleven Rudras
Who are: Aja, Ekapada, Ahibradhna,
Virupaksha, Sureswara, Jayanta, Vahurupa,
Trambaka, Aparajita, Vaivakshata and Sankara;
Among Yakshas- demi gods, attending on Kuvera,
I am the Lord of wealth and Rakshas, the demons,
I am Kuvera;
I am Pavaka, fire-god Agni, among the eight Vasus
Who are Apa, Dhruba, Soma, Dhara,
Anila, Pavaka, Pratyusa, Pravasha;
And among the mountains I am the Sumeru.

O Son of Pritha ! Know Me to be Brihaspati
Who is the chief among the house-hold priests;
I am Skanda among the generals,
Among the great sages I am Bhrigu
And the "OM" among the words;
Among the Yajnas I am the Japa-Yajna-
The chanting of the Name of Godhead and telling
of the beads;
I am the Himalayas among the immobile objects;
Of all the trees I am Aswattha;
And of the saints divine I am Narada;
Chitraratha am I among the Gandharvas, the chorus
in heaven;
I am St. Kapila among the saints
Performing austerities for a purposed end.
Know me to be Uchchaihsrava among the horses,
Born of nectar on the churning of the ocean ;
I am Airavata among the powerful elephants
And emperor among men.

AMONG the weapons I am the Thunderbolt,
The Kamadhenu among the cows;
I am Kandarpa the Progenitor;
Among the serpents I am Vasuki.
I am Ananta among the Nagas-
Demi-gods with human faces and serpent's tails;
Among the aquatics I am Varuna;
Aryama among the manes;
Among the dispensers of justice I am Yama.
Prahlada I am among the demons,
Kala among the controllers,
Lion among the beasts and among the birds I am
I am Pavana, the wind, among the swiftest objects;
Among the warriors I am Parasurama;
Makara-shark, I among the fishes,
And I am the Ganges among the streams.

OF the created objects I am, Arjuna !
Beginning, Centre and End.
Of learning I am the the Spiritual Knowledge
Of the individual souls and of the Over-soul.
I am the Determining factor among the passages
of words
That seek to establish the prima facie proposition
on the one side
And refute it on the other.
Of the alphabets I am the "A",
The Dwandwa among all compounds,
The Mahakala Rudra among the destroyers;
And I am Brahma among creators;
I am the all-seizing Death.
Among the future events I come into existence.
Among the women I am Glory, Beauty, Speech
As well as Memory, Intellect, Patience, Forgiveness
And others-the consorts of Dharma.

I am the Great Sama in the Sama-Veda;
Among the metres I am the Gayatri ;
The Agrahayana (November - December) am I
among the months,
And of seasons I am the Spring.
I am the Hazard of the gamblers,
The Valour of the chivalrous;
I am Victory and Effort among the persevering;
And I am the Strength of the strong.
Among the children of the family of Brishni,
I am Vasudeva or Valarama;
Dhananjaya am I of the Pandavas.
Among the Saints I am Veda-Vyasa,
And I am Sukracharya among the poets.
I am the Sceptre among the punishers;
Among those who seek victory I am Polity.
Of the secrets I am Silence ;
And I am the Wisdom of the wise,
I am that Seed from which all beings spring.
Arjuna ! no sentient or insentient object can ever
have existence without Me.

O Parantapa ! there is no end to My Divine
Supernatural Powers, of which I only mention
but a few to thee.
Whatever be endowed with majesty and might,
Excellence and splendour,
Know that to be part of My Superhuman grandeur
Born of the splendour of My External Power.
O Arjuna ! what value is this to thee to know about
My splendour?
By My Cosmic Energy which exercises influence
o'er all phenomena,
I permeate the universe as Paramatma Immanent.
My Potency possesses all capacities.
It is only with a particle of these capacities
That I enter every atom of the universe.
I have My relative existence in the world;
I exist as the all-Pervading Paramatma
Through the Agency of Cosmic Energy;
And in the Jiva-world, I am the Monitor Indwelling."

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Pranam to Swami Bon

"I make my obeisances with deep and loving devotion for ever and ever to my Gurudev, who is known by the name of Srimad Bhakti Hriday Bon, who being attracted by the lotus-feet of Radha-Madhab is for ever and ever immersed in the perennial stream of supramundane joy emanating therefrom.

I bow down again and again with loving devotion to my Gurudev who is a wandering Tridandi mendicant and erudite Vaishnava (who) is always following in the wake of Sri Rupa; I make my obeisances in all humility, at all times with sincere loving devotion to my Gurudev who resides happily in the
Kunja (bower) allotted to him by Shrimati Radhika, the dearest Divine Consort of the Supreme Lord Sri Krishna who is Rasa epitomized, who has taken to the way of Bhakti in consonace with the teachings of Sri Chaitanya - nay, whose whole pattern of life is moulded on the teachings and precepts of Sri Chaitanya."